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Patient Experience & Testimonials

I came to Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago. She not only had the technical medical knowledge to recommend a treatment plan and follow through surgically, she made me feel very secure in knowing I was in the best care possible.
Ronnie Kenney,
Patient of Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS
Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS and her staff are awesome. They make me feel very comfortable and they are so efficient and explain things to your understanding. I am very pleased with the care I have received from them.
Geraldine Luckett,
Patient of Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS
I have been so pleased with Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS. The entire staff has been very professional and I could not ask for anyone better.
Carolyn F. Boyer,
Patient of Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS
Great experience. Customer service is exceptional. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS and her staff. I really enjoyed my visit!
Connie Delle Donne,
Patient of Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS
‘Over the years, we have had an extraordinarily collegial relationship with Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS and her staff. They share our passion for the compassionate care of the cancer patient. Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS takes a personal interest in every patient and helps walk them through the maze of information and misinformation currently available to patients. We share in her excitement about her new facility and know she and her staff will continue their mission to provide the best possible care.
Dr. Chip Molthrop, Medical Oncologist,
Florida Hospital Cancer Institute
What makes Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS a great choice for a surgeon is that she not only is a superb surgeon, but she takes time to know her patients and their family members and advises accordingly. No question goes unanswered, I felt she battled my breast cancer as much as my family and I did.
I feel so fortunate that when I discovered a lump in my breast several former patients of Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS recommended her to me. From the moment I walked into her office I was met with care and professionalism. In fact, Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS has the most caring and professional staff I have encountered in a doctor's office. Appointments are scheduled and met on a timely basis.
Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS also affiliates herself with the best oncologists and radiologists in the field. Because of all the wonderful referrals given to me by Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS I believe I was able to choose the best oncologist, radiologist and medical team someone fighting breast cancer needs.
Besides all the wonderful care, referrals and information my family and I received from Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS, I have encountered Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS at many breast cancer awareness seminars and fundraising events. It is clear to me she gives selflessly to the community. Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS wrote a book to help explain breast cancer to young children. Personally I recommend the book for everyone. It very clearly explains what cancer is, the effects of treatment, and what to expect. Through research and news media I discovered that Dr Sachedina, D.O., FACOS has successfully participated in experimental treatments for patients with very advanced stage 4 cancer which shows how determined Dr Sachedina, D.O., FACOS is to win the fight against breast cancer. To Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS “breast cancer is not a death sentence” and I believe she will do everything she can for her patients to make sure they can say they are SURVIVORS...
Clermont, Florida
Since 1995, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Shenin Sachedina, D.O. FACOS as part of the team of physicians that care for breast cancer patients. Despite all the changes that have occurred in medicine, Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS has been able to successfully blend the new state of the art high technology and new surgical techniques with old fashion caring for her patients. The Central Florida Breast Center, P.A., and Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS, stress that the patient comes first. In 2008, it is unique to find a physician and staff that are able to continue to place the care and management of seriously ill patients first. Having cared for over thousand patients for Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS, I am very glad we have her in Central Florida to help fight breast cancer.
Steven G, Lester, MD, FACRO,
Board certified Radiation Oncology
It must not be an easy job to have to look into someones eyes and say the words “you have breast cancer.” I heard these words at the age of 43. I had three young children, a wonderful husband, a good life and now this news. Dr Sachedina, D.O., FACOS took my hand in hers and said with complete conviction, “Its going to be all right. We will get you through this!" I never doubted her for a moment. Dr. Sachedina’s, D.O., FACOS strength and knowledge gave me faith. She listened to my concerns, was frank about outcomes and options and was very respectful of my choices.
I know her guidance, consistent monitoring and skillful surgical know-how saved my life. It must be a great job to be able to restore a person to good health, to comfort them when they are troubled, to give them hope. I am very grateful and look forward to a healthy, happy future!
Patient of Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS
Dear Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS, This comes from my heart. My name is Terry Ernest, Back in November 19, 1999 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My family physician, Dr. Gregory P. Samano, referred me to Dr Sachedina, D.O., FACOS and she performed a biopsy soon after and gave me the results the next day.
This is a big consideration on her part, not to let her patients wait any longer than possible for results, as waiting is worse than knowing. My first impression with Dr. S’ was one of trust, kindness and caring in the explanation of my situation. On the Dec 21, 1999, as I was preparing to be ‘relaxed’ for my mastectomy, a nurse explained that Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS always talks to her patients before they receive anesthesia. When she came in, Dr. S gave me a big hug, asked me if I was ready and I told her I was. I also told her “I put my life in your hands and your hands in God's hands,” to which she replied, “We cannot do better than that.”
The kindness and warmth of all her staff, her office with all of its state-of-the-art machines combined with her own warm, caring, compassionate and loving nature made me feel at ease and very comfortable from the beginning through it all. She will explain all details you want to know and is very honest about her advice, which I followed carefully without hesitation. She sent me to an oncologist for chemo, and I am doing great since April 2000. I cannot find enough words to praise Dr. S.
I now live in Texas, and if my breast cancer was to come back, I would come right back to Orlando, to have her care for me. This is how much I admire, trust and love Dr Sachedina, D.O., FACOS.
Her practice doesn't stop at surgery. She wrote a book for children to learn about breast cancer. It is a very well written book with many colorful pages and simple explanations for children to understand and learn more about breast cancer. For those of you who have young children and are facing breast cancer, don't let your children worry about you, let them read this book. You wont regret it.
Love and respect as always. Dr S., God Bless you for all the care, help and hope you have given to so many women.
Patient of Dr. Sachedina, D.O., FACOS